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AirWorks Aerial Photography

Aerial Creation

· Finding the Perfect frame · 
· Cathcing the exciting moment · 
· Creating the memory ·
At AirWorks we do it all and much more.

We have the experience, creativity, and a keen eye for excellent aerial results


Aerial Photography Services

AirWorks is a registered, licensed and insured drone operator by Israel CAAI (רת"א) permit.
We have top of the line equipment, years of passionate aerial experience the the knowledge to make the job done perfectly and safely

Aerial view of a DJ set in a party - Click to see aerial video of a sport event


Capture priceless moments from a unique perspective

  • Video clip & pictures from a wedding, spacial day, sport or corporate event

  • Share and remember your happy occasion from an extraordinary aerial point of view

  • Editing service for both video and pictures as part of the shooting package

  • Safe operation, non-interuptive to others, with high quality results

    What Do you get?
    A set of professionally edited pictures and a video clip with music you can upload, shere and see whenever you like

Aerial view of kayaking in the Sea of Galilee - Click to see the video

Group Escort

Memorable time together

  • Save those special moments from a day hike in the nature, site tour or other outdor activty

  • Ground and Air shooting that capture the essence to share with everyone

What Do you get?

Professionally edited pictures and a video clip with music you can upload, shere and see whenever you like

Aerial view of a two people laying on an old wood bridge over water. Click to see the video

Commercial Representation | Corporate video | TV & Commercial Production

Always in the spotlight

  • Precise aerial and ground shooting for a creative and memorable video that will reach your clients

  • Movie, TV and other production that require aerial view will benefit form our experience and accurate excitation 

What do you get?

 - A short edited video plus supplementary images for commercial advertising campaign

 - Raw data (MOV, DNG image) for outsource editing 

Aerial view of a horses in the golan highest grassland. Click to see the aerial video

AirWorks galleries and video creation

Rich library of pictures, video shots and ready made videos to purchase from across Israel

  • Choose the right shot for your project - all content is C4K 50FPS in D-cinelike for maximum user adjustability

  • Print a picture from out large nature landscape, urban and agriculture gallery's of your home, office or as gift

  • Tell us your vision and we will create the video clip you want

Aerial view of a tractor spray the field. Click to see aerial agriculture videos

Real Estate | Infrastructure | Agriculture

Take control from above

  • Height Simulation for Marketing Presentations using high end cameras

  • Site construction Progress and periodic Safety Checks

  • 2D/3D Photogrammetry mapping for professional application

  • Field and plantation survey to identify abnormalities 

What do you get?

A picture (DNG, JPEG), edited video file (MP4) and/or photogrammetry product that suit your needs

AirWorks Aerial Creation - יצירה בטוחה מהאוויר



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